Mercatino di Natale - 12th December 2020 - Freemans Bay Community Hall

The NewLook

Finally the day is here!
Fiittingly I'm writing this as I should probably be posting to Instagram.. but I always think the less rehearsed and straight from the heart s*** is so much more appreciated (by me anyway) .... We had our trials and errors, delays and so on ( some days I never thought we would re-launch) But our NewLook Website is now live and shortly our NEWLOOK campaign shoot will be too!
Our NewLOOK campaign has been our everything for the last 8 months... From re-designing pieces entirely catering to our fabulous clientele... we sooo appreciate all you patience! 
To say we are excited to share all our new ideas and hard work with you and as always with the ultimate goal for you to feel as fabulous in our jewellery as we do! 
The entire essence of SCJ is to transcend our love for Italy into wearable designs that transport any outfit from ordinary everyday attire to chic sophistication with minimal effort! 
Our blog is one of our new additions to our site and one that we so look forward sharing... not one for overly organised or arranged publications...we'll be updating and sharing our love of not just jewellery, but the lifestyle we favour most of all... that is, the Italian lifestyle of La Boheme. 
Remember we always love to hear your stories and how you feel when you wear our jewellery so never be scared of sharing and TAG SCJXO as you may be surprised as what may arrive in the mail....
Soooo much love and gratitude 
S xx
P.S we always looking for new and exciting collabs so don't hesitate to get in touch

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